Daily Prompt | Make Me Smile

I like the idea of these daily prompts, taking fifteen minutes out of a day to say something quick about the chosen topic. It’s a nice idea, and starting out in blogging I like the title of the first one I have seen “Make Me Smile”. It’s positive. It’s simple. It’s…me. Because i like to smile and be positive so this is perfection.

One thing that makes me happy is visiting the British Museum in London, obviously for my love of Classics and Archaeology. I visited the British Museum at least four times in the last year and although it’s often the same things there’s something about the Elgin Marbles that never gets old. While I was in the museum a while back I saw this couple sitting on a bench and they were old – I won’t lie. But they looked happy. I got a photo of them, the man looks like he has seen what I am doing and is smiling (or he’s looking at the frieze behind my head an likes it) and his wife is looking at him with this look that could only come from being married for decades and decades. It’s beautiful, it’s my favourite picture. It’s everything I want to be, I want to be visiting the museum years from now and still loving it with the passion I have right now.


The couple I saw at the museum

It was the moment that made me happy, and looking at the photo still makes me smile today.


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt | Make Me Smile

  1. I love the photo. Brilliant. They remind me of the Gogglebox couple, the woman all prim and tut-tutting and the man ready to joke and tease. Which shows the difference between our reference points (low-brow vs high-brow). If Vie wasn’t identical to you, I’d think maybe there’d be a mix-up on the nicu ward.

  2. An incredibly awesome picture. Maybe photography is in you future. This picture also made me smile as I am old as you described.:) Very moving…

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