Spring Cleaning Gone Wrong

Today I got an e-mail.

“We have had an issue with a couple of shower doors, as a precaution we have invited the supplier to make sure they are fit for purpose. We require full access to your room tomorrow.” One word: eek. If it wasn’t for the fact that the landlady has a key to access all rooms I would be celebrating that I was away on holiday, but I am not. I am dreading it. If I was there right now I would be rushing around to tidy up after myself so that the room was at least presentable. But I am not. And my room is a mess.

It’s not that I am an untidy person. I clean up at least once a week and take pride in a perfectly hoovered carpet, it’s just that there are some things I forgot to do. Can I get Aggie and Kim to come to the rescue?


1) I forgot to take the fairy lights off the wall. It’s a rule that we aren’t allowed to hang things on the wall but I have blu-tacked conspicuous red heart lights to my cream coloured wall, not because I want to break the rules but because I am actually afraid of the dark and it helps me out a bit. I managed to take them down for room inspections and remove the glob-like stains that it can leave behind, but now I can only hope that they have fallen down.

2) I forgot to take out the trash. When I was packing for the holidays I got stressed and I admit that I cried. A phone call later I decided to just leave. I forgot that I had a couple of bin bags under my desk that needed to be taken out. I had spent the day before tidying up and that was what was left. Not that it mattered. The packing process meant the room was a mess again.

3) I forgot to wash the plates. There isn’t any food lying around (besides the bread rolls in the cupboard. shhhh…) but still.

If I could catch the train to town right now I would, just to ensure that the room was orderly and tidy so that the landlady doesn’t have a fit when she sees my room. Nor can I state that “now isn’t a good time” and request ten minutes like I did when the landlady and the electrician came to fix the flickering light, in order to run around shoving everything in the wardrobe and the bin. I can only pray that the room isn’t as bad as I make it out to be.

For now I will just have to hide under the bed here at home. We got the new bed today, there’s storage underneath it (they won’t find me there, will they?


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