The Liebster Award: Part 1

I give my many thanks to my Gluesticky mum for nominating me for the Liebster award. While the nepotism involved could debate the validity of the sentiment in some I still greatly appreciate the action. To see bloggers and writers supporting each other is magnificent in itself and this gives strength in the endless support my mum offers me, so thanks mum! For the Liebster award I have to state eleven facts about me and then answer eleven questions given to me by the nominator. Because when I’m writing I have a tendency to talk too much I have split it into two halves. The problem with writing about yourself like this is that you have to seem sort of interesting. Because I am a teenager and sleep twelve hours a day I probably am not, but I shall try. Here are the facts:

1. I chose archaeology as a career for two reasons. One, because my Classics teacher told me about how a Mycenaean palace had not yet been found and I took it as a goal to find it. The other is because the same classics teacher presented me with articles about Pompeii, the house of the gladiators had fallen down and I took it as a goal to try and restore Pompeii. Since 2010 more has fallen down and the Mycenaean palace has taken a back-burner to Pompeii, but it’s still of interest. The fact that my area of interest is Italy and Greece and digging in the med perhaps help my persuasion a little bit.

2.  If I wasn’t in Archaeology I would be in writing or acting. In November 2013 I took to the open auditions for Star Wars episode VII, but didn’t get it, though did make it over a few hurdles. I will also be an extra in an opera on Tuesday. Before that I was part of a youth theatre and took part in some great projects (which will be in Part 2). In December 2013 I entered a competition to win a £50,000 publishing deal. I didn’t get it, with no surprise, but it still would have been cool.

3. My favourite animal is the Owl. You’d think that seeing a thousand owl shows in my lifetime would make me sick of them for my lifetime, and watching them eat dead rodents would be slightly off-putting But I love them. Perhaps it’s because my name means “wise” or “wisdom” in Greek and the ancient Greek goddess for wisdom is Athena, whose sacred animal is indeed the Owl.

4. When I took a trip to Greece in 2011 I was accused of stealing on the first evening. We went into Athens for shopping and we went into a little shop. I bought a purse and a bracelet from the shop though some dodgy CCTV footage (probably put up because of the riots occurring around the time) shows me, and it looks like I’m sneaking something in to my pocket. The two men running it hunted me down in the area-though i did wonder who was looking after the shop-  and took me to the back of the shop to make me explain myself. E, who I had only just met 12 hours before, came with me and helped me out. I didn’t go to Greek prison, thankfully, my teachers might have lost their jobs if that happened. Later on I was accused of stealing in Superdrug, though this was all down to iffy monitors and not because I stole anything.

5. I like to shop…. a lot. When I’m in Reading (which is where I attend university) I go into town at least three times a week. The problem is I don’t like to spend money on necessities, like washing up liquid and sponges. But prefer to buy new clothes, shoes and more. Which is why I “borrow” everyone’s Fairy Liquid and why my wardrobe is over-flowing. My current shopping obsession is nail polish. In the last two and a half weeks alone I have purchased over fourteen of them, which takes my total past 80. When my mum heard in KFC she was stunned. My whole family has an obsession with nail polish though. We even had a nail polish competition.

6. I have two sisters and a brother. One is a twin and the others are younger than me. One friend in particular didn’t know about our younger sister for a year until mum turned up to a drama rehearsal with buggy in tow and he asked “who’s that?!”. Five years on I don’t think he knows that my little brother, Lixie, exists…or that my twin has a child of her own. That will be a shock if we ever tell him.

7. Recently I’ve became one of those Netflix addicts, who spends hours on end watching the same series. My guilty pleasures are not to watch TV or films suitable for my age, but those for teenagers and kids. Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, Radio Rebel, Prom and Dance Academy have been just a snippet of my list. More often than not the stories, the characters and the script is unbearable, yet I still indulge. I even cried when one of the Dance Academy characters died.

8. One of my all time favourite foods is noodles. I don’t delight myself in them while I’m at university but whenever I’m on break back home I am obsessed. I tend to frequent the local noodle bar at least once per holiday and super noodles becomes a staple item in the cupboard. Funnily enough I eat the typical “student” food when I’m taking a break from student life. Though the sleeping patterns remain.

9. I’ve never broken a bone in my body (touch wood), but have had a few near misses. The first is when I fell face first into a wooden bridge on the playground at my primary school, knocking out a tooth. The second is when I cycled face first into a lamp post and hit the floor, resulting in a chipped tooth. The third is when I got caught in a mess of lacrosse bats and had one fly straight at my face, forcing my teeth to cut into my lip. Although I’ve never broken a bone my mouth has suffered enough for one lifetime.

10. I’m scared of spiders. The worst, and most hilarious ‘spider incident’ is when my mum, step-dad, Vie and I took a weekend trip. I don’t remember the name of the place but one night we were in a B&B and a spider emerged in mine and my sisters room.

“MM!” we called, hoping he would catch it. “There’s a spider.” The spider scuttled under a bed and Ian told us not to be silly. This repeated a few times until once we told him to wait. The spider emerged with a round of “oh my god”s. I hid behind the curtain, Vie hid under a pillow and MM hit the spider with one of his shoes. It did not die, it just shrugged the shoe off and continued terrorising us. We killed it eventually.

11. I can’t watch documentaries past eight o clock at night. They freak me out. Documentaries are never truly positive and so when I watch one it always makes me think of morbid subjects. There was a particular documentary about Pompeii and Herculaneum that I watched at 11:00 pm that scarred me. For some reason debating whether it’s best to die by drowning in mud or lava isn’t the best at getting a person to sleep, as I found out the hard way.

If you’ve read this far then I am impressed, because of the sheer velocity of this post, but I am also very pleased that you find me interesting enough. I will be posting part two tomorrow where I answer questions given to me. I hope you stick around to see.



10 thoughts on “The Liebster Award: Part 1

  1. You certainly don’t fall too far from that Gluestick cap! Writing just as eloquent and intriguing as your mum’s. And what a frightful experience in Athens! Also loved your last line…. Since they are questions asked by Gluestickmum…. We should all STICK around to see the answers. ;-). Sorry, but maybe your mum can apologize for turning over the rock she found me under.

    • Oh my! I didn’t even notice that. 😀 Thank you, though, to say that I write like mum is a magnificent compliment. Been reading your blog too, I must say I LOVE the puns! 😀

  2. Phie, the best move you could possibly make would be to follow Little Miss Menopause. She’s hysterical, has a mastery of punning that makes me think she might be some sort of sorceress and is completely adorable. If she was found under a rock, it was a diamond.

  3. I would DEFINITELY agree with #9. Achilles had his heel; you have your mouth. It’s like a magnet for accidents. I still don’t know what the school was thinking teaching lacrosse though. I don’t remember signing you up to attend Mallory Towers. I sort of thought lacrosse was a bit like Quidditch: a sport no one plays outside the pages of a book.
    I didn’t know about the opera. What? When? Where? And how on earth did you get in on that? You don’t have to sing do you?!?!

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