(So)Phie’s World

I don’t think I’m going to be saying all to much today because, quite frankly, I haven’t done very much. We all have lazy days. I didn’t wake up until 12:45 in the afternoon and I have no clue what the time was when I actually moved out of bed. Getting milk was the main motivation for even getting dressed. I did however start to read a book.

Sir Arthur (of the Didymus sort) had mentioned this book to me in a comment, and it is called Sophie’s World. I had never seen or heard it until he said it, but today I glanced upon it on the bookshelf. I say “glance” I was looking at the shelf for a few minutes. Still, I saw the book there, where before I hadn’t. Perhaps it was fate, perhaps I was meant to read this book- after all, the protagonist does have the same name as me. So I picked it up, and I started to read it.

sophies world

I must say that I haven’t gone very far into it. Only page 70 odd which infuriates me, as I very much like to bury myself into literature and only emerge after I have finished it (I read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime in five hours on boxing day and totally blocked out the surroundings) but there have been too many distractions to allow me to read that far. It is, however a very good book. It has brought up many questions I have asked and attempted to answer myself in the nineteen years I have been alive, such as “Where did the universe come from?” “Is there a life after death?” and more, so in some ways the book speaks to me, and not just because Sophie receives a bunch of letters addressing her by name. It also brings up mythologies and characters I have came across in my education (Plato, Oedipus, Socrates, Thor etc.) which is cool, and again..speaks to me, in some way. It always helps to have a knowledge of the subject when reading it. I can’t explain it truly, but currently there’s a familiarity with the book, and the literature has made me more interested in philosophy and science. It is therefore a good thing that I study archaeology and Ancient History as the subject allows me to dabble in those fields if I so choose.

Incidentally E’s mum read this when she was my age and also in her first year at university, which is why it was on the bookshelf in the first place. This generally has no significance in my life (or at least nothing pertinent) but I did find it very coincidental. I look forward to reading the rest, though perhaps won’t be doing tomorrow as it is Easter and I will probably have a fair bit of chocolate to get through. Never mind. Perhaps when I read further on the links to my life will go away, maybe not, who knows.

But, Arthur, perhaps you were a little bit right when you said you had read a book about me, though the book isn’t about me at all. This is quite a good read you have fated me to stumble upon, and now maybe you know me a bit better (if it is possible that all Sophies are the same as Sophie Amundsen) as I feel I know myself better.

I am very sorry if I make very little sense in this post, that’s the problem with trying to put your thoughts into coherent words.


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