Life is Perfect

I like it in spring and summer. The weather is warmer, the days are longer and everything feels better and happier. When I saw this years first daffodils I smiled and put some in my bedroom because they made me happy. I revel in the sunshine, which makes my dream to live in Italy perfect. The spring and summer months also cause me to get out of the house, no longer scared of the cold air that I hate, and spend a lot more time outside as the outside makes me happy. Today was no exception.

The sky today wasn’t particularly cheerful, it was overcast like a white sheet had been put over the sky, but it was warm and as I walked through the park I enjoyed the atmosphere. The trees had gained all their leaves and people were having fun. I wanted to stay outside, which is why Vie and I walked around town for hours.

The park as of this afternoon

The park as of this afternoon

The fortunate thing about where I live, either with Ed and his family or my own, is that I am always nearby to the park and only crossing a road or two is required to make it there. It’s a large park full of trees, grass an water (and rather steep man-made hills made by some french people-probably “making it the hilliest place in Norfolk”) so I like it even if it isn’t the most amazing place on Earth. Today, being a nice day and all, I decided I wanted to walk the dog with Ed.

So we left, and the dog was quite eager to go too. It started off with me racing to the end of the road to get to the park all excited to be out (probably more excited than the dog who didn’t want to leave without Ed and thus dragging me backwards as he refused to move). And as usual we talked and shared our opinions on different matters like university and school and serial killers hiding behind hills. We don’t talk like it inside, I think it’s because inside people can hear us and the conversation isn’t our own when we’re outside it doesn’t matter whoever does hear is never going to see us again, so we do our deepest talking when we’re in the park.

With any dog walking duty there was things to take care of, like making sure the canine doesn’t do anything he shouldn’t or picking up his mess, but that didn’t seem to be a problem. Either the dog was being really good, or we were too happy to mind it all. We got to the french hills and ran around them all chasing each other and trying to get up them (they are really steep) and choosing if it’s a good place to have a picnic. My favourite spot was facing the river but a man-hole sort of ruined it a bit. And we continued.

We danced around outside. I’ve been watching Dance Academy lately on Netflix so now I make myself think I’m a pro ballerina. I was pirouetting and doing fancy steps while Ed pretended to know what he was doing. He tried to do that fancy thing they do in the Tango where the man dips the woman down and kisses her or puts a rose in her mouth- hopefully without the thorns. We failed. I couldn’t get my legs in the right place to support myself and he was holding me wrong, so I fell to the floor. More running on the field, more dancing and somehow we ended up lying on the floor looking up the sky. It still wasn’t pleasant. One one horizon was beautiful clear sky, on the other was a blanket of grey and it gradiated between. The clouds weren’t moving but looking up at the sky still felt peaceful and good.

“I’m always confused my the clouds moving.” I said “I can’t tell if it’s the Earth moving or the clouds.” so we discussed it, and as usual I was proven wrong, or at least he one-upped me on the intelligence, just like the other day when we ‘debated’ if Theseus’ dad should have became a constellation as well as Ariadne (the both threw themselves off cliffs because Theseus was gone). It was nice. It’s one of those perfect memories where you wish time would stop for a little bit so that it can continue to be prefect. It’s a shame that the perfection has to end, I go back to university on Sunday and sometimes I wish I don’t have to.¬†Never mind, it’s like they say “You can’t truly know happiness unless you’ve been sad.” Or something like that.

Just as I wrote this post Ed turned to me in bed and said “Life is Perfect.” and it’s all because of these little moments. The little moments that always happen when the sun is shining, and the weather is nice.

That’s pathetic fallacy for you.


One thought on “Life is Perfect

  1. What did you do, Phie??! Have you stolen the sun to keep for yourself and instead replaced it with rain. If so, please return the sun post haste as I don’t want to have to change yet again today.

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