Preparation Time

Mum and my stepdad went out for the evening for a nice meal, which meant that for a little while I was left with my family. Instantly Mellie wanted to play parties. Mellie can get quite loud and bossy when she’s playing a game. The other day she sang “Let it Go” from Frozen at the top of her lungs, while I had to tell her it was beautiful. Today she wanted to play parties. So we had to make invitations.

“All the people I invite have to have A in their names.”

“Is Sophie not invited?” Ed asked. I hoped I would be, a headache is only worth all the bossiness if I get to go to the pretend party. It turns out I was not..not until Ed pointed out that I was her sister. I was put on the job of blowing up and tying over 20 balloons. For a pretend party. One of them, a big orange one burst, which meant (luckily) I didn’t have to do any more since Mellie was so scared of more popping. In the end I had to leave. But we hadn’t even had the party. Mellie was sad. If we hadn’t spent two hours making invitations and blowing up balloons then we could have had our party. Still, it reminded me of Vie and I when we used to play games.

We would, literaly, spend days planning everything. We would look on estate agent websites to find the perfect houses (though not buying any, of course, even if we wanted to). Then going on Google Maps to research the town we decided to live in. Usually it was between either London, New York or Los Angeles- since they were the most fabulous places we could think of that spoke English. We would plan everything from hangout spots to wardrobes. It would take forever getting everything perfect. We would even create characters and look into how we wanted them to look, spend ages writing up a small biography of each one, and spend hours fussing over the perfect name. Because I love Italy my character was nearly always part Italian.

Believe it or not the planning was always the best part. Which is why would spend days and days doing it. I liked looking at the houses and holiday destinations and cars. I still yearn for a lot of the things we found and want to visit Los Angeles and New York more than anything because of it. And I still really want to live in Italy, with a tonne of desperation. (Hopefully voting will go well later in the year because I would quite like to remain in the EU to make getting to Italy easier.) Once Vie and I got to playing our games when we were younger we would realise we don’t have any of it, and although pretend it was never as good as actually imagining it. Acting it out, in some way, made it seem less likely to happen. Looking at the stuff was like we could. Though in reality a million pound mansion is nowhere near our price range. Still.

I still do this meticulous planning even now, as does Vie, when we are developing our characters for plays we are in or for stories that we write. Although we no longer play these pretend games I do still enjoy the preparation stage. It was always the best part.


6 thoughts on “Preparation Time

  1. This is the exact reason they invented Pinterest. There I know just how I want my perfect house, hair, body, wardrobe, make-up, nails, children.
    You just must never ever look at real life straight after.

      • The children on Pinterest never resemble my chocolate-stained, tantruming, scruffy-haired experience of the four of you. Even Amelia, who only appears on Pinterest in her flawless (ie not real) form.
        Definitely sign up, but perhaps not until after your exams!

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