Choosing Paths

I feel like this week has been filled with a lot of decision making and choices. I’m a really indecisive person, as my family know; it can take up to an hour to make a 50/50 choice. Yet for some reason I’ve been able to do it. Who knows if I have been making the right choices for me, but they excite me a lot.

For starters I have decided to stay at university. I had been deliberating whether to take a year out because I was very stressed and very sad in university, since I felt lonely and my to do list was taller than me half of the time. I had a good heart to heart about it to mum via text. She knew I had been down for a little while and she sort of helped me make the choice. What made me realise I wanted to stay was

a) I have a lot I want to do. My dream is to become an archaeologist/historian and move to Italy to aid in preserving the town of Pompeii which was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Recently a lot of it has been falling down. I think Pompeii is a fundamental town in understanding Roman culture and living, to watch it fall down breaks my heart. I feel like my degree would help fundamentally in getting me there.

b) I can get it all done in one go. If I really don’t like it in my second and third years then it will be just like ripping of a plaster. I can wait until I’m 21 to do whatever makes me happiest, surely. It will be worth it in the end. Also if I had left I might not have wanted to return.

c) The 2nd year modules really excite me. Looking at the list I got yesterday for my module options there was TONNES I wanted to study. There was a lot of Greek and Roman parts which plays to my personal passion more than it did in first year. I also like the sound of The Ancient World in Film, and the module on sexuality and gender in Greece and Rome. Who knows if the modules will change if I do take a year off, but I don’t want to take that risk.

Also in the options I had a choice of going abroad to study for a term. I thought this would be really hard for me to do on a personal level, but it sounded like a brilliant opportunity if I can go. I was hoping for Italy to be an option in this, but it isn’t. The choice was between Sweden and Poland. To go to Sweden to study classical and Scandinavian archaeology looked amazing, the Scandinavian princess in me was screaming “DO IT!” So I’m staying on. It does mean I have a seven week period in which to find somewhere to live, but hopefully with the help of staff it could be sorted.

Ed today went to Cambridge to start looking at what he wanted to do when he goes to university. There was a Classics open day going on so he went because he knew he wanted to do something history based. Originally his dream was to go to Cambridge and study there but Classics is more literature based (classics is the only major one they do regarding ancient history, and he didn’t want to take modern history alone) and when I told him that he started to think of other options. Because his interest in History is so broad- ranging from Alexander the Great to the Napoleonic Wars- he is now deciding on studying Archaeology and Ancient History like myself or Ancient and Modern Oxford. I certainly think he’s making the better choice there for him, and the added bonus is that if he gets in next year (touch wood…and sacrifices to the gods) then it would be very close to me.

There are obviously a lot more choices I have to make coming up, especially regarding housing and officially choosing my modules, but at least the nitty-gritty choices are out of the way. Let’s hope I made the right ones!


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