Little May-time Showers

Bambi – Little April Showers

Theoretically I should love spring. I adore the ducklings, lambs and bunnies that are brand new into the world in spring, and daisies that are coming up around this time of year are my favourite flowers. I should love spring, but the weather sort of ruins it.
In spring the weather changes quicker than a teenager on a mood-swing. One day it is gloriously sunny and you have to wear shorts and sunglasses to stay cool. The next it’s raining all day and you find yourself digging your winter coat back out from your closet. This has been the case all week across Britain, as mum has been experiencing something similar back in Norfolk. I’m going to take up the stereotypical British stance and complain about the rain as if that will change it.

Yesterday it was sunny, the day before it was even sunnier and I got to walk around in dresses and shorts and feel like summer was figuratively just around the corner. Today Zeus, or God, or the weather fairies from the books I read as a kid decided that too much lovely weather was unfair and today has been nothing but rain and damp. Of course I don’t have an umbrella, since a strong gust of wind bent it to a 90 degree angle in January and I haven’t bought one since, so when it rains I have to put up with it, letting my hair get frizzier and frizzier by the second to the point where even my frizz-fighting shampoo doesn’t do the trick! Of course the university decides that they don’t sell umbrellas, but if you’re looking for a coaster or snowglobe then you’re in the perfect place, so if I did want to get an umbrella I would have to walk in the rain for forty minutes and get sodden. Of course I could take the bus, but that would be too sensible and then I’d have £2 less to spend on an umbrella.

It’s not just the frizz that’s the problems it’s finding the suitable clothes. The other day I looked out of my bedroom window and saw that the sun was radiating down on the planet in glorious rays of sunshine. There was no sign of clouds, and the skies were blue. Perfect! I thought I can wear my favourite velvet shoes with my new dress! Alas it was an unwise move. In my excitement over warm weather I went out in my shoes and everything was good. An hour later I was squelching my way back home through mud and puddles and my shoes were sopping wet. The clouds had descended and spat their water at me as if they had planned to make me cold, wet and sure I would catch the flu. This is one of the reasons that I want to get to Italy. It barely rains in Italy, and even if it does it’s too warm for it to matter.

The song in Bambi got it right (which is linked above). The weather changes rapidly in spring and it can be horrible and make us want to hide at home with our duvets and hot chocolate and wish that it would go away. What Bambi got wrong however, is that it never happens in April. This year it only rained once in April for me. Instead the little showers happen in May. Drip drip drop little MAY-TIME showers. I think Disney should re-release Bambi with this alteration.


One thought on “Little May-time Showers

  1. I think there should be a new season: Sprinter. Spring’s winter. The name’s as much of a misnomer as the concept of spring itself, as far from going quickly it lasts from mid-April to around some point in July. It’s my least favourite season, even though it’s made up.

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