Cheating on Mr. Packard Bell

Yesterday I bought a new laptop. My old Packard Bell was on its last legs as every time I turned it on it made a grinding noise and it was the now out of date Windows XP, so even if I wanted to fix the darn thing it would cost more than the laptop itself. I needed the new laptop to do university work that would be online in a new format of Microsoft word and I couldn’t convert it on here. I could have updated the system to Vista, and bought a new Microsoft package, but to spend £200 on updating a dying computer seemed fruitless so I got a new one for just a little bit more.
I don’t have a relationship with my computer, like that film that was out a couple of months ago, but when I use this new Asus computer it feels like I’m cheating on Mr. Packard Bell.

The new model is irresistible. It has things Mr. Bell doesn’t. It has windows 8, a touch screen which makes it very swish and fancy compared to Mr. Bells temperamental mouse-pad. He’s newer, younger and prettier. Packard Bell is dusty and old, and he moans when he tries to move. Asus doesn’t argue with me. I command him to open Microsoft, connect to the internet, save my files, and he does it, a compliant partner. Packard Bell ignores my request until I’ve asked him for the fifth time and still he takes his time with his grinding joints and slow reaction. Packard Bell is infuriating beyond compare. I should have dumped him a long time ago. Asus also doesn’t snore, in fact he makes very little sound, which is heaven. Packard Bell could keep me up when I’m trying to nap from working away.

But Packard Bell and I have a history. Asus, as new has he is, hasn’t been through thick and thin yet. Packard Bell was there when I stayed up all night writing English Coursework with me, he was there when I got my A-levels and he came to university with me, a loyal companion.
Packard Bell hold all of my photos, he has the stories I’ve written on it stores safely away and knows all of my favourite music. For the love of me I can’t figure out how to get my iTunes library on my new Asus even though I’ve tried everything (and the fact it doesn’t have a DVD port makes it impossible to put on CD’s). We even watch movies together. So, as much as the new Asus is charming and suitable for the things I really need it to do, that is internet, University work and such, I feel like I still need Packard Bell, who has all of my things, and is loyal, and we have great memories that I don’t want to just forget. He’s old, yes, and frustrating, yes, but he’s also very different to Asus. I can’t just get rid of him; I’ve grown attached to Packard.

So for now I’ll have to simply see Asus on the side as I figure out how and if I can let go of Packard Bell with minimal heartache.


One thought on “Cheating on Mr. Packard Bell

  1. If you want to let him go, I’ll adopt him! I could do with something other than my phone for blogging (I don’t even know what my full format looks like) and I’d have somewhere to upload photos to so I could use my camera properly.

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