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If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking? The Daily Post

This is a hard one to write, not because I don’t know what could be found shocking to one of my late ancestors, but if they actually will. You see I know nobody on my fathers side (and don’t even know my father). I suppose a late ancestor would find that quite shocking as family principles used to be very firm in the “old days”, but It’s hard to say what they will be shocked by when you don’t even know what their life was like. 

I suppose they’d be shocked at our lack of beliefs in the religious world, my family is pretty much agnostic about God, so we’re not dead atheist but if an ancestor saw that every Sunday we wouldn’t be getting out to church or taking up our testaments, but instead be lying in bed, they wouldn’t be just shocked, they’d be outraged. They would shake us out of our duvets and drag us to the local church and say that we are wrong and immoral before spraying us with holy water and proclaim is to be saved by Christ. It’s a good thing we aren’t vampires

I suppose they’d be shocked also at our family is very untraditional. I live with my boyfriends family and him not even being married or even engaged (and hopefully not for quite a while) and my sister and her boyfriend had a child without even considering getting married. My mum was the same, she had me and Vie when she was twenty, no father in tow, and raised us on her own, which must have been preposterous even just a few decades ago in England, there are still some modern cultures that find this crazy and unacceptable. And they would be shocked to see that we are not disgraced by this way of living and we are not ashamed to be this type of person but instead proud that we have achieved such things and happy about the way things are. 

I suppose they’d be shocked at our use of language, and the way we dress (why on earth are the girls wearing trousers?) and they’d be shocked at how much we eat-and how much we throw away. These would be people who have lived through the “waste not want not” part of history and to watch half of us not even finish the plate would be astonishing. They’d be shocked at how we don’t grow our own vegetables and they’d be shocked how neither me or Vie know (or do) very much housework. I can’t sew, can’t figure out separating laundry or what all the logos mean on the label, and can only just work a washing machine. They’d probably be shocked at our very modern way of life with mobile phones, computers and iPods and would be shocked at how much TV we watch. They would sit in their chair and say “in my day we only had four channels, all in black and white, and the only time we watched it was the Queens coronation!” as they tut at the channels today. 

I suppose they would be shocked, if they saw us having not seen any glimpse of modern life. But how do I know? I don’t know them, and if they were back from the dead they would probably be a zombie and I wouldn’t let them into the house to see anyway, so perhaps all they’d be shocked at is why suddenly a nineteen year old girl is suddenly trying to decapitate them with a teaspoon. 


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