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Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy and why? – The Daily Post

Looking at today’s Daily Post it seems that, even in imaginary shopping, I am indecisive. But how are you supposed to choose if the selection is as cool is time machines, doors to any place in the world and helmets that make you invisible?! The point is I can only choose one, so I can’t even give a cop-out answer and say I will get two. 

The time machine. Watching Doctor Who on TV makes a time machine look so cool! But when I think about time travel my head spins, would I create a bend in the whole time paradox if I travel back, perhaps I might interfere, the time machine would then never be invented and theoretically I would be stuck in whenever I chose to go. Or would I? Because I would the time machine with me in the past/future. It’s headache inducing! Perhaps it’s best to leave the time machines to the experts. 

When I think ‘door to anywhere’ I think of Monsters Inc. and how awesome I thought those doors were. How does the door work? Can I programme it with my mind to take me where I want it to go, or is it only able to go on one set destination ever once I have chosen, or will I end up in the bedroom of a scaly Mikwasowski? If it is a door to anywhere is it anywhere I choose, or does it surprise me every time I open it? I wouldn’t want to end up on Jupiter without a space helmet, or in the Arctic without a coat. Also I would need to know that it’s totally safe. I wouldn’t end up with injuries like Harry Potter, but if it is think of the possibilities. I would happily splurge on a dor to anywhere never to have to pay for flights, trains, cars, buses, ever! I can visit anyone with the click of a finger and take easy holidays to Italy. Hopefully the door doesn’t only work one way and disappear once you arrive or situations could get tricky. 

An invisibility helmet would be cool if I was a criminal, I would be able to get away with so many crimes, and escape prison if I DO get caught, but generally I have little purpose for it other than to avoid people I don’t like or play hilarious pranks on people. To really persuade me into buying such a useless item it would have to turn not just my body invisible but my clothes too so that I don’t have to be naked to be properly invisible. Playing peek a boo would be awkward if every time I jumped out at someone I was on full display…. Carrying items would also be awkward, there’d be the whole floating object scenario. Perhaps if it was an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter I would buy it because there’s less room for technical fault and I could use it as a blanket when I get cold, but it’s not. It’s a helmet. At least my head would be protected if someone crashed into me because they couldn’t see me. Also when I’m invisible would I be able to see what I’m doing, there could be some spacial awareness issues with that. 

I’ve been persuaded. If the local PC World started selling these Items I would go for the door to anywhere, then I could travel the world with out needing money. But I would only opt for it if I can choose the destination every time. If not then I wouldn’t buy any and go spend it all on clothes instead, or perhaps I’d buy the time machine so that I don’t have to rely on The Doctor to take me to the past to write the best history books ever…


4 thoughts on “Daily Post | Pick Your Gadget

  1. I’d buy the Invisibility Helmet (in my world, if you put it on your head it makes the whole of you invisible otherwise headless bodies is just weird) and then STEAL the Door to Anywhere and Time Machine.
    Or I guess you could buy the Time Machine and then keep travelling back to when you had all the cash and buy the other two…and then go back again and spend the money on less frivolous stuff.

    • that is a very clever and ingenius idea that i am envious that I didn’t make myself. Darn. I guess it’s too late to change my answer and take all the credit 😀

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