You Can Stand Under My Umbrella…If I Had One.

A while back I managed to purchase a new umbrella, it was something I had been meaning to do since the start of the year and I finally did it, only for it to sit on my windowsill for days and days as it was too sunny here in Reading to even think about using an umbrella. But today I finally got to use it as it rained for an hour or so. This rain made me wary about tomorrow as I am in London for a concert and I don’t know if it’s indoors or outdoors, and if Reading is experiencing rain then perhaps London is too. So I went on a hunt to find some comfortable and waterproof shoes that I can walk around in without my feet hurting. 

The problem is that all of my shoes are mostly EITHER waterproof OR comfortable and also a lot of the time it’s neither so I felt like I needed these, in case the weather was crazy. 

In town I got a few compliments on my new umbrella, which made me happy. It was a cute umbrella featuring little white fluffy clouds and rainbow coloured rain-drops. It’s always nice to get a compliment anyway. It stopped raining at some point and I took my umbrella down and carried it in my hand as a bottle of body-wash took up the space in my bag (the Boots self check out machine didn’t have any carrier bags) 

This very same day I lost my new umbrella. I was carrying it around in my hand, so I don’t really know how it happened but I presume I must have left it in a shop. I would be comfortable with this theory, however I couldn’t remember what shop I had left it in, how long I had been without my snazzy umbrella, and I didn’t even remember putting it down. How could I not notice an umbrella leaving my hand!?!?!?! It’s a mystery to me. 

I admit I was a bit sad. It was a good umbrella, even if it did come from Sainsbury’s. I didn’t know whether to replace the umbrella or go looking for it in the shops I had visited. The problem was I had gone into a lot of shops, and I didn’t know how long I was without my umbrella. It could have been anywhere and the shops were shutting. So I decided to replace the umbrella. If it was my purse or my keys it would have been a different story, but an umbrella is replaceable. 

I went into Sainsbury’s. Found the same design and went to the checkout to buy it. The funny thing is when I scanned it the machine said it was £6 instead of £8 and looking at the machine dumbfounded (But the label says £8!) I saw that it was actually on sale. I laughed, it seemed as if the world had listened to me mourning the loss of my snazzy umbrella and decided to make it up to me, by giving me the spare money to go and get a chocolate bar. Yay! 

Who knows, perhaps one of the people who complimented me has found it in wherever I left it and decided that they wanted to keep my snazzy umbrella, to which I saw they can keep it, then we can go singin’ in the rain together. 

It’s funny how some things work.


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