What I’m Reading | More Than This by Patrick Ness

What the popular author John Green said about this book was ‘just read it’ and it is emblazoned on the front cover for all to see. It was the black and yellow that caught my eye when I saw it in the local book-shop and then I saw that I was being ordered to read it. So I turned it over to the blurb and read what it was about, and it seemed curious. I have a system at choosing whether to buy a book. First of all it needs to catch my eye, then the blurb needs to sound interesting, then I read the first page and if I am not drawn in I put it back down. If I am I buy the book…or continue reading propping myself up against the book-shelf until I feel like I’ve been there to long…and then I buy the book. But I didn’t follow my rules for this. I was already captivated. 


This is where I try to tell you about the plot without giving away any spoilers so that you can read the book and be surprised yourself, so stop reading, if you don’t trust me, and skip to the end.It’s about this boy who drowns one day on a beach (I can tell you this, it says it on the blurb) and then finds himself in a different world and he has to navigate his way around it trying to figure out what it all is and if he is on his own or not and if it is real or a dream he has while he’s dying in the ocean waves. It’s safe for you to read again here.   

I tell you this now, plain and simple: More Than This is perhaps one of the best and most imaginative stories I have read in a long time. It’s everything that I like and, for once, I do not find myself irritated by the protagonist of the story like I have so many times, which is one of the instant plus sides. It’s eloquently written, it connected me so deeply with the protagonist that I had to check it wasn’t written in first person a multitude of times, and while I would find myself rolling my eyes at a flashback if I read it in an average story, they have a paramount significance with the rest of the story and they, while helping you unravel the story yourself, don’t give too much away. But this isn’t an average book, by no means. It is an intricate story that unravels more and more mystery the more you read. The second one question is answered there’s another that needs to be solved, and I think that’s what makes it so good. It makes you curious the more you delve deeper into this insane world that the boy is in, and you want to know these answers that lead onto more… more than this. 

While I was reading it I found myself mesmerised, curious, thrilled, and tense as drama finds its way onto every single page. I could not put this down the book and have only put it down because Ed wanted to sleep and I can’t read with no light (perhaps I should invest some money into a little reading light you attach to books) but if I was on my own I would have easily chosen to stay awake all night to finish it and be utterly mind-blown, I found myself pausing with absolute stun as the events occurred, and had to pause just to gasp and exclaim to Ed that it was “such a good book” So I tell you now exactly what John Green said about it JUST READ IT. Go to your local book shop, pick up a copy and clear your calendar to sit down and be immersed by what is perhaps one of the most captivating reads I have read in a long time.  You will not regret it.


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