What Would Carrie Bradshaw Do?

I was in town today with the pretence of more food shopping but, as always, I got distracted by clothes and shoes and spent two hours longer up town. I was feeling pleased with myself for walking into all my regular shops and not buying a single thing- even if the temptation presented itself when I got too hot in my jeans and wanted to change into a dress- that was until I went into Boots.

As always I can not resist looking at the nail polishes, it’s a vice. Today it was certainly proved. I was looking at a particular pearlescent one and was picking it up to have a closer look when the one next to it came out of the rack too and fell to the floor. I gasped, in panic as I realised my reflexes would never be quick enough to catch it as it fell closer to the ground incy by inch. I tried to step back.

Of course, the bottle is glass and the floor is tiny so when impact had been met the little container shattered and the liquid sprayed all over and found it’s way onto my shoes. I just stood still looking at the mess on the floor wondering if I should pay for the damages or run away. A woman was nearby at the time and watched everything.

“It’s on your shoe.” She pointed out to me as if I didn’t know, she might as well have told me the sky was blue. I took a second to look at the shoe. There was a lot of damage.


The nail varnish was drying. Fast. So I asked myself:

What would Carry Bradshaw do?

In any fashion crisis I channel her stylish ways. There’s a chapter in ‘the Carrie Diaries’ when her favourite bag gets destroyed with nail varnish and she just spatters it with more and declares it a fashion statement, and in the TV series of the book it gets put in a magazine. What Carrie Bradshaw would do is either a) dump as much polish as she could on them and confidently strut around New York or b) just replace them with a brand new pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. But I for one do not have the money for Manolos nor the daring fashion sense to pull of laquer covered boots without looking like paint samples had vomited all over my feet. Only Carrie could get away with that, and wearing a belt around a bare midriff. What Sophie did was quickly buy nail polish remover pads and legged it to a seat to try and wipe it off. I also bought a nail varnish because I felt bad.

As I scrubbed at my shoes it wasn’t working. The nail polish wasn’t budging but instead black was rubbing off. I was just making my shoes worse! So I gave up and walked home with statement feet. If anyone knows how to get nail varnish out of black pleather then I would be more than happy to know, then I could wear my favourite shoes again.


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