I have an awful sleeping pattern. For weeks and weeks I have only let my head hit the pillows past four o clock in the morning, sometimes even five. Of course this results in waking up in the afternoon and then not being tired enough to go to bed until five o clock in the morning.. again. It’s a vicious cycle.

Tonight I somehow managed to fall asleep around one o clock in the morning, which to me was a huge improvement. I could wake up early and actually make my day worthwhile. I was wrong.

At half past four, in the morning, I am woken up. It’s not because the duvet is too warm, or because I went to sleep too early, or because I had a bad dream. It was because Italian girl- my flatmate whose bedroom is next door to mine, was having a full conversation with someone. Bear in mind that Italian-girl is naturally a very loud and excitable person. When she is being loud, and it’s the only noise in the entire flat, because everyone else is asleep, the noise travels and seems louder than actuality.

If it was half past four in the afternoon I’d have no qualms, and I’d probably appreciate being woken up. If I had stayed asleep any longer I’d essentially be nocturnal, but no. This is the morning. And so I am frustrated and fed up, Because I’ve now been awake for half an hour hearing their conversation (though it’s in Italian so I can’t understand it) I will not be able to get back to sleep for hours. Now my whole day has been thrown askew. Thanks Italian-girl.

I think I’ve now come to understand mum or my step-dad who, when Vie and myself had particularly late nights playing music and talking, would make the effort to come into our rooms and tell us to be quiet and sleep. I was extremely tempted to walk over and knock on her wall and tell her to zip her lips. Of course I don’t have to be up early or look after kids, which is what my parents have to do on a daily basis, so I’m not too angry, but still. It’s going to take days to correct my sleeping pattern.

Sorry mum for being an ignorant teenager and not listening to you when you came to tell Vie and I off, and we didn’t listen and talked anyway or played the music anyway. We must have been so annoying. There were some nights when you would get out of bed and stumble groggily upstairs three times and we still wouldn’t get what was so bad. Now I understand, and I empathise completely. This must be Karma.


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