And The Results Are In…

I’ve just looked at my university portal to see if my results have been posted yet. They are in. With an intense click on the left hand button the results are as follows:

I HAVE PASSED ON MY FIRST ATTEMPT! I think I’m quite pleased with that.

The way university works is that you need 40% to pass a module and 40% overall in the year to pass, meaning that you don’t need to succeed at every module that makes up 120 credits altogether. I have successfully passed all six modules with full credits and can therefore return to university for second year (if I find a place to live, that’s next on my checklist). Of course, each module has varying degrees of success. 

LATIN: D, 44% 

This actually does not surprise me. I got a D in Latin at GCSE and in the two years between then and now I had forgotten everything except ‘Caecilius est pater’ and have a terrible memory when it comes to labelling the grammar (why is it all so similar!). Added to the fact that the department failed to tell me about a mid-year assessment that counted to this years grade until after it was done and there was nothing I could have done and the grade is even less surprising. If only I hadn’t have been ill that lesson and I would have had a higher grade, possibly even a B! 


I should have known this. I thought I did well in the exam. I don’t know what made me grade so low. The only thing I can think of is that my coursework wasn’t spot on. This was one of the earlier modules and I was still getting used to the referencing system, bibliographies, how to write the essays and more. I could spew to you facts about Greece left right and centre but I could not for the life of me tell you where they came from. 


Not my best work. I blame the coursework which I spent forever suffering through the most difficult question that I have ever seen (how am I meant to write about the archaeology of the Assyrian Empire from 2000 to 1000 B.C when a quick Google and multiple sources told me that there is no surviving written record and very little in the ways of archaeology to go in this period, like the dark ages in Britain only in a dessert. Also, I have never studied archaeology until this year. 


This grade annoys me, purely because it shows that if I had gained three more marks then in my Fifth Century Athens module then I’d have gotten a better grade. THREE MARKS. But still, a C. Not bad, that’s a 2:2 in the university world and that shows that I have potential to get better, surely? Again, this was an early module in archaeology. 


What!? A 2:1!? I thought I did terribly with this module following my 90% in an assessment at the start of the year. I believe that what some people call “hubris“, the pride before a fall (there’s tonnes of it going on in The Iliad) but mind you a 90% is a nice little safety mat to fall back on if I do happen to fall. Sophie the Academic Stunts-woman. 


I believe this is a first. I can’t quite remember the grade boundaries, but seriously, how can an A not be a first. If it isn’t then it’s pretty damn close and I’m happy with it. I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to all things Augustan Rome. I did an essay on propaganda in literature including The Aeneid, which I have read at least ten times (I was 9% off a first class grade with that essay) and then my exam was on the Forum Augustus which, you should know, took some inspiration from The Aeneid (or vice versa) and the myth of Romulus and Remus. See! I know it! 

To be frank the later modules are a lot better than the early ones, besides Primates to Pyramids, which was always going to be the case. Mix having to completely learn new writing styles, not being able to access key reading (a university library SHOULD have the books on your reading lists!) being ill for a week and a major depressive period where I was skipping some classes and generally not being motivated to do anything then I honestly say I deserve each and every grade I got. All I wanted to do this year was to pass as I learned how everything worked. The important thing is that I know where I went wrong and can improve this greatly when I go back; besides, this year doesn’t count towards my degree so none of it will effect me, but now I can be serious and get the best grades I possibly could. Bring on second year!


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