About Phie

I always have one dream in my head when it comes to life goals. I’ve changed what I’ve wanted to be every few years or so. I wanted to be an artist, nurse, princess, author, photographer and more in my past and am now studying Archaeology and Ancient History. The one thing that has remained, however, is the hope that maybe I can inspire one person out there in the big wide world. Not necessarily to be me, I’m far from perfect, but maybe to make a new friend one day, or to try out a new hobby or to change their outlook on life..for the better.

I chose the title “That’s So Phie” for my blog because this is who it’s about. My name in the real world is Sophie and I am a fan of clever uses of words. In this title you can read it is “That’s Sophie”, “That’s So Phie” or the more subtle “That’s So Me”. I want to share with you all the things that are me, from my life to the books I read in the hope that someone might see this and be inspired, to be their true selves, like I am here.

Camera360_2014_3_20_014444Thank You x



7 thoughts on “About Phie

    • If you’ve read a book about me then you must be a time traveller and the book came from 50 years in the future when I’m ruler of the world!

      Or you’ve read my mums blog (it’s Indy here, nice to meet you)

      • If I am not mistaken the book was called Sophie’s world. Your Mum’s got a blog too!? Does she know about your blog? I’m keeping my blog hidden from my relatives.
        Pleased to meet you So Phie.

        Kindest of regards,


      • Gluestickmum is your Mum! She’s wicked! Well, what I’ve read about her on wordpress. I won’t tell her if you won’t. She’ll probably find out about it soon, I guess.

        – Arthur

      • She is indeed and I’m chuffed you like her, she’s every bit as real as she portrays online. I think I’m letting her notifications tell her 😀

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