Pillow Talk #1

Just now I’ve had a funny conversation. The funny things about it is that my counterpart in this dialogue was asleep. I find the conversations with a sleeping Ed to be hilarious, if not slightly weird (one time he confessed to being a serial killer and proceeded to put his hand vaguely around my neck….ookaayyyy). Because he is asleep I haven’t got a clue about what he sees in his head and the guesswork game is all part of the fun. I must say these conversations are the only up side to being awake at four o clock in the morning. Today’s went as follows:

Me: shifts in bed and pushed Ed away

Ed: What was that for?

Me: Because I’m all hot and sticky and uncomfortable. (it was very hot, and being snuggled up to someone in bed makes it unbearably so)

Ed: Well come here! jauntily extends arm and pulls me in so that I’m even closer to the sticky heat. I do not see how this will help but I go along with it for the sake of the conversation. What are you doing now!? 

Me: What do you mean?

Ed: You’re going in slow motion! (one can only hope that in his mind he is playing out some cute romantic montage, and not because I’m making myself look stupid)

Me: I’m not going in slow motion

Ed: Yes, you are. You’re all like d..d..du..duu (this is apparently the sound of slow-mo.)

Me: Already too hot to handle. I move away from him and move the gap

Ed: I just got the word ‘hat’ from the bottom of my coffee!

Me: What? Really?

Ed: nods his head

Me: How did you do that?

Ed: I don’t know. I was just thinking of the UCAS day thingy makes weird hand motion and got…yeah, that. 

Me: That’s new. 

Perhaps Ed’s coffee is like the prophetic tea leaves in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and is telling him that one day he will wear a hat. Who knows. This is however liked to UCAS so unless there is a university whose UCAS code is HAT or there is a university in Hatsfield (is that a real place?) then I can’t piece this together, never mind why I would be walking in slow motion. 

I hope to have more pillow talks soon. Documenting them is pretty fun and I could show this to him when we wake up and embarrass him, or just entertain him with his unconscious babblings of his subconscious mind. There are some people who say dreams mean something, can someone help me decode this?


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